Meet Tom Carter

For Tom Carter, watchmaking began with the pursuit of affordable luxury, innovative style and functional simplicity.

A watch that would blend seamlessly with the lifestyle of the world traveler, the entrepreneur, the philanthropist, the fashion forward, and the sport enthusiast.

It was with this vision that the first Tom Carter timepiece was born.

The release of The Original Collection – Big Watches in Steel – perpetuated every facet of what embodied the Tom Carter spirit. Pioneering oversized statement pieces made of steel that were as much an expression of the brand as they were about the individual wearing the watch.

Over time Tom Carter watches have evolved, adapting to the quintessential idiosyncrasies of a changing fashion landscape.

The introduction of the revolutionary The Cruise collection saw a team of designers from across Europe develop and bring to life the largest – and slimmest - watch in the world. And with a diverse range of 38 interchangeable nato straps, The Cruise timepieces can be restyled in a way that makes them adaptable to shifting fashion and colour trends.

Technology is changing. Artistic expression and design is evolving. And the art of watchmaking is being redefined.

Tom Carter is mindful of these changes which is imbued in the design process of every collection. Each watch reinterprets trends in a way that makes the brand instantly recognizable.

And Tom Carter will continue to be driven by the relentless pursuit of its distinctly unique craftsmanship for years to come.

Tom Carter Watch is evolving with the introduction of the new TC Basic summer collection.

Combining contemporary style and individual flair, the TC Basic is inspired by the summer vibes and latest fashion trends.

An extension of the Tom Carter brand, the TC Basic is the new colorful and chic obsession.

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